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Writing on Depression

I’m proud to say there’s an article I wrote up today on one of my very favorite sites of all time: Rebelle Society. Here’s what my depression looks like this time around, as I come to a place of acceptance with

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Crochet Health Interview in Crochetvolution

An interview that I did with Margaret Mills about healing through crochet has been published in the Winter issue of Crochetvolution. Excerpt: Q: You said in another interview: “Crocheting taps into an unrealized artistic vein. Creative ideas start with a

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Soft Launch: Cracked Wide Open Is Now Available

In the fall of 2013 I started an intensive graduate school program to get a degree in Integral Counseling Psychology. My first year in the program gave me a solid foundation in the basics of psychological counseling. At the same

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Interview and Goals

I’ve been interviewed today about crochet and writing over on the Illuminate Crochet blog. One of the questions was about my future goals. Here was my answer: “I really feel that I’ve found my niche in using writing to help others

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Work From Home Issues: Isolation

I wanted to quickly share that I’ve been quoted by author Simon Salt in the new book Out of Office: How to Work from Home, Telecommute, or Workshift Successfully. I have been working from home for over a decade and have

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I Love To Help Others Share Their Stories

I believe fervently that each individual in this world has a unique personal story comprised of all of their one-of-a-kind experiences, perspectives and influences as well as the option to choose how they want their own story to develop over

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When It’s Quiet …

I love this excerpt quotation from a longer piece that’s also got some other really great points and imagery. The source is Ollin Morales of Courage2Create. “Every new chapter in your life must begin with a break between two pages.

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Being Honest as a Writer

Awhile back I was interviewed on the blog Kanelstrand: Simple Living Chronicles and was asked a really great question about sharing personal information with others as a writer. I wanted to share that excerpt from the interview with you today.

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How Do You Decide What To Write About? (Interview Excerpt)

I was interviewed awhile back by Morgen Bailey. Morgen has recently updated that interview for a new blog. I thought it was a good time to share an excerpt from that interview. How Do You Decide What to Write? Morgen

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With Books We Are Never Alone

Someone wrote recently to thank me for writing Crochet Saved My Life. She said that the book resonated with her. Then she said this: “It is always wonderful to be reminded you are not alone. It is another form of

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