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Weevmee Instagram Image

A quick share of the image created by Weevmee using my 772 images from Instagram in 2014, which was my first year on Instagram.

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10000 Facebook Likes

Thanks to everyone who has given the “like” to my Crochet Concupiscence page. I also have Facebook pages for Crochet Saved My Life and my general author page.

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2 Million Monthly Pinterest Page Views

I was one of the first people to try out Pinterest several years ago. It’s a great place to curate all of the things I like, especially in crochet but also in other crafts, fashion, writing and inspiration. I knew

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Moments of Pride (Facebook Movie)

I have to say that I was really touched by the Facebook movie thing that Facebook offered. It was great to see mine. And I’m a little proud, I admit, that these were my “most liked” moments:

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Crochet Klout: The Twitter Showdown

I really enjoy the site where you can easily create infographics based on your social media information and also get access to the infographics that many other people have created to share around the web. Last year for my

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Amazing Stats About the Power of Photos in Social Media Today

If even a fraction of the stats in this infographic are correct I am stunned speechless. It’s all about the world of photo uploading in social media today. Powerful stuff for people who are working and networking online. Photographidemic:

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Pros and Cons of Social Sharing Site Sulia

I am not typically someone who jumps on board with new social media. However, I did recently join up with Sulia, which is a fairly new player on the scene, and I think it has some cool features that make

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The Things I Pin

I have been active on Pinterest for awhile, primarily pinning things related to crochet as a means of connecting to the community of readers for my crochet blog. However, I do also have a few other pin boards where I

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What I Tweet

I use Twitter under two different accounts. Under @CrochetBlogger I focus specifically on crochet and then under @KathrynVercillo I share thoughts on pretty much everything else. I used Tweetcloud to analyze what I tweet about on both of these accounts,

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Why I Have 3 Facebook Pages When I Don’t Like Facebook

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like Facebook. I just don’t enjoy anything about the format of the site. I waited a long time after most of my friends to hop on board with it socially. I

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