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Non-Writing Things You Have to Do As a Self-Published Writer

I was recently interviewed by Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches about my newest project (and next book) called Hook to Heal. She asked me lots of great questions about it, including some questions designed to help understand why a self-published

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I Am Lucky to Live as a Writer Today

I was recently a featured author in the “spotlight” section of the Moregen Bailey writing blog. One of the things I shared in my article about my writing life was that I feel really lucky to live right now, in

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Those Who Inspire Me

I was recently asked about who inspires me. It was asked in the context of crocheting but I wanted to expand upon my answer now. Inspired in Crochet I recently joined the team of Crochet Today as a weekly guest

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Calling Yourself a Writer

In one of the interviews I did about my book I was asked when I started considering myself a writer. The answer is “a long time ago” but also “just recently”. The Interview Lisa Haselton interviewed me for her her

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Why Do You Write What You Write?

When I was interviewed by LL Book Review one of the questions I was asked was, “why do you write what you write?” That’s a complicated question that could have a lengthy answer but it is also something I can

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5 Amazing Women Who Have Supported My Recent Work

I have been so lucky to receive support for my writing, especially my newest book, from a great array of amazing people. I am so truly grateful to everyone who has said kind things, given me good press and just

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My Book Made Sense at this Time in My Life (or why I can do at 32 what I couldn’t do at 23)

Although I took something of a circuitous path to committing myself to a professional writing career I think I always planned to be a writer. I certainly always WAS a writer, journaling avidly and reading voraciously. But I had a

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Recession-Fighting Benefits of Being a Work at Home Writer

A few years ago I wrote a guest blog post titled How Working From Home Has Helped Me Get Through the Recession. I thought it might be valuable to reiterate some of the key points of that article for you

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Would You Write Your Book Again?

I was recently interview by Self Publishing Experts about my new book, Crochet Saved My Life. One of the questions they asked was if I’d write my book again. Here’s the answer: Interview Excerpt They asked: “If you had to

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Author Interview Excerpt: On Being a Solopreneur

I recently did an interview for a great blog called The Solopreneur Life. For many years I just considered myself a freelance writer but recently I’ve truly started to see myself as a solopreneur. A solopreneur is someone who runs

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