I didn’t even know what a blog was when I was first approached to write for one in 2006. Although I’d been doing some online writing, blogs were still fairly new and hadn’t taken off as something that a person could get paid a decent freelance income to write. I accepted the paying gig to do tech news on the weekends and my introduction to blogging began. Almost immediately after this, blogging as a paid gig hit its stride and soon I was seeing and applying for blog gigs of all kinds.

From 2006 to 2010 I wrote for a broad range of different types of blogs. My experiences grew and changed at the same time that this new paid writing industry was growing and changing. I did free writing for community blogs to get experience. I had a voice on multi-author blogs. I worked as a blog ghostwriter for SEO companies who were using blogs to create backlinks for website promotion in the pre-Penguin, pre-Panda world of Google ranking.  I was hired to submit guest blogs to many sites to bring attention to specific sites I was already writing for. I was hired to write on niche topics for high profile websites that were launching blogs. I was hired by small companies to help them figure out how a blog could benefit their sites. It was an exciting time. Nobody quite know where blogs fit in with the rest of the online publishing world and I had the chance to learn it all from the inside out.

I do still occasionally write for other blogs. I think it is good experience and usually provides a great opportunity to expand my audience, my writing voice and my knowledge base. I also spent time focusing on my own blogs, the biggest of which was Crochet Concupiscence, which I launched in 2011 and which grew to more than half a million unique monthly page views at its peak. I sold this blog in late 2017 and have stayed on as a writer and industry consultant.

My Blogs

Here are some of my other blogs.

Current(ish) blogs:

  • Diary of a Smart Chick. This blog is my personal blog. It’s gone through many adaptations over the years but basically this is just a place where I share my random thoughts and experiences. If I go to a museum or see a great movie or am reading something I love then it will usually find its way onto this blog.
  • The Kathryn Vercillo Blog. The blog associated with this site has also changed over time. I’m working now to update it so that what it contains is relevant links to news associated with my career, such as awards and publications.

My previous blogs:

I don’t believe in failures, just in stepping stones! I have started many blogs that faltered for one reason or another. Often I just outgrew them. A couple of my now-defunct previous blogs that were a joy to write at the time were:
  • Real Words. This website,, has gone through many incarnations over the years. For a long time it had a blog associated with it called Real Words. In its early days, Real Words was a place where I wrote about my experiences in the writing world, what it was like to be an online writer, etc. Some of my favorite topics at the time were writing + creativity, eco-friendly writing practices and social media for online writers. In later days this blog became a place where I helped other writers get some attention by publishing guest posts of their work. It was a great project while it lasted but eventually other projects took its place and it had to be let go.
  • San Francisco is Sexy. My first self-directed blog that I ever set up and ran with was called San Francisco is Sexy. It explored the flirty side of the city and gave me an excuse to research lots of things going on here like a San Francisco from a hair salon that featured erotic art on the walls, sexy dining experiences like Dining in the Dark and photographers specializing in boudoir photos. This blog was short lived, lasting only about a year, for a number of reasons but it was so fun. And since it was my first blog it really taught me a lot about blogging for myself (as opposed to blogging on someone else’s platform). Although the blog is now defunct, you can read the Top 10 Reasons I Think San Francisco is Sexy in a post I did over at Travelogged.

Blogging For Others

I love running my own blogs but I got my start in blogging for others.

On Blog Platforms

I have had the opportunity to develop my voice as a writer with my own individual pages on larger multi-blog platforms. One example is HubPages. I started blogging for HubPages in 2007 when the site was just starting and grew my own writing over there for several years. I published over 1100 articles on the site, which together have been read more than 10 million times. Other blog networks I worked for at one time included House, an interior design site that I blogged for when it first started, and San Fran Voice, which was part of a blog network that consisted of multiple blogs about various cities with each blogger covering a single city. I covered San Francisco. I wrote many different things but emphasized arts and music in the city. This blog was eventually bought by b5 media and I discontinued my writing around that time.

As a Hired Blogger

I have worked as a paid blogger for many different types of sites. Here are a handful of links to some samples of my work on various blogs:

You can see additional links (listed chronologically) on my resume.

As a Guest Blogger

I have been a featured guest blogger on dozens of blogs over the past few years. Here are some links to my guest posts:

You can see lots of links to my crochet health related guest posts here.

See my resume for more current links.



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