About Me


I am a writer, a crafter, a daydreamer and a part of a community that starts in my San Francisco hometown and radiates out. I believe that self-expression is the key to self-realization and also the key to connecting communities. You can support my work through micro-donations on Patreon.

The Writer

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I have been paid as a writer for 10+ years. I am the author of half a dozen books, the newest of which is Mandalas for Marinke. I have also been published widely around the web as well as in a handful of print magazines. You can learn more from the select links in my online resume.

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The Blogger

I enjoy writing in a variety of formats. I believe that books, magazines, journals, letters and social media each offer their own unique opportunities for self-expression. I hope to continue writing in all of these forms. However for a long time, where I found my niche was in blogging. I started out with a paid blogging gig for a tech business and that grew into opportunities to blog in multiple niches for many different types of blogs. I’ve worked for large and small blog networks, as the sole blogger for various small business websites, doing blog work for social media companies and then primarily blogging on my own sites. Some of the reasons that I like blogging include:

  • Blogging offers the opportunity to publish in real-time. I love the immediacy of the web. I love the opportunity to share information as soon as I’ve discovered it.
  • Blogging offers the ability to constantly update your work. When I go back and see an article that I wrote previously that I feel needs more expansion I can go back and enter those updates so that my whole body of work gets regularly updated and enhanced.
  • Blogging creates connections. People can leave comments so that blogs are interactive. I can link into and out of my blog to draw connections between topics, other bloggers and news from around the web.

Blogs are changing these days and I’m not sure where they are going or what role I’ll have the chance to play in writing for them, but I’m curious to see how it unfolds and relish the time that I spent on this work.

The Crafter

Writing is my comfortable preferred medium, but I do think it’s important to stretch yourself in other areas of art. I like exploring mixed media art with an emphasis on crochet and collage. I’m very fascinated by the way that engaging in traditional crafts today can connect you not only to the world around you but also to the generations before and after your own. I am also fascinated by the healing properties inherent in crafting, both in the sense of benefits for the individual crafter and in the ways craft can heal communities.

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The Dreamer

I am a hopeful romantic. I am more optimistic than not. I believe that given enough information and opportunity most people will do good. I believe that being true to yourself is the best way to offer something great to the world and I try to do that by writing from the heart. I believe that sharing the truth about who you are with others makes it possible for them to share their own truths and that the world becomes better off as a result. It is my aim to use my communication skills, both verbal and (especially) written, to encourage people to celebrate their inner selves and connect with the community around them.

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