Collage Scrap Exchange Contribution

Back in the fall I signed up to be a part of a collaborative collage art project hosted by Brown Paper Bag and Papirmass.

collage art

It’s an interesting concept. You are paired with a partner and you each send each other a set of collage scraps. Then you use the ones you’ve received plus any materials of your own to create a collage based on the theme New Landscapes.

crochet art

I mostly sent my partner images cut out from magazines with the theme kept in mind, but also included some other materials included the crochet and yarn pieces shown above.

collage art

She did the same, sending me a unique collection of paper cutouts and other materials including some beautiful brass metal pieces.


I used the pieces that she sent to create a triptych collage across three different sheets of construction paper. Each of the three pieces includes essentially the same images but mixed into a different order. There is a piece of sheer red fabric and a few pieces of string that overlay all three sections of the triptych. I then photographed it and re-collaged it again using a photo collage app on my phone. The image above is what I ended up with for my submission.

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