Interview of Me by The Crochet Queen

I am honored to say that I’ve been interviewed again by Gwen Blakley Kinsler, the terrific Crochet Queen who founded the Crochet Guild of America (professional crochet community) among many other lifetime accomplishments in the craft!


Crochetqueen: Psychology and Crochet mesh very well as you have proven by your book,Crochet Saved My Life.  In what will your new degree be and when will you finish?

Kathryn: Yes! I am in the second year of a Masters Degree program in Integral Counseling Psychology, which combines Eastern and Western approaches to healing for a degree that can lead to an MFT counseling license. I have already learned so much that I’m incorporating with my crochet health experiences; I look forward to doing more research and writing that combines this newfound knowledge of neuroscience and psychology with my hands-on knowledge of craft therapy.

My degree is a three year program so my cohort’s program ends in May of 2016. However, I am likely going to take one year off. The purpose of this is to integrate what I’ve already learned with the other writing and work that I’m doing.

I’m almost about to wrap up my next book, Hook to Heal, and after that I’ll be working on a revised edition of Crochet Saved My Life that updates the research with the new things I’ve learned. So I’ll be busy and I want to give that ample attention before starting on my practicum year (my third year where I do 20 hours per week of on-site counseling work.

Read the full interview here.

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