Crochet Health Interview in Crochetvolution


An interview that I did with Margaret Mills about healing through crochet has been published in the Winter issue of Crochetvolution.


Q: You said in another interview: “Crocheting taps into an unrealized artistic vein. Creative ideas start with a new yarn project, then spill over into house decorating, gardening and even my writing.” This seems to relate to what you’ve just said about how crocheting can help rebuild self-esteem in many ways. Can you share more about that creative process?

A: I recall getting into a search for earrings to match the color of a scarf I had made, then toying with the idea of making jewelry. My daughter took some jewelry making classes and we did experiment with that a little. Then, something like a lacy crocheted vest does not work well over a hoodie sweatshirt, so I began sewing more. I know working with yarn has led me to look at other yarn crafts such as crewel work and embroidery. I’ve also gone from making ponchos, hats and slippers for the kids to amigurumi creatures. One thing leads to another, yes. And I think the creative boost, the sense of accomplishment flows over, too, and encourages you to try new things: “Hey, I finished the scarf, so maybe I can put in a garden this year, or repaint the kitchen.”

Read the whole interview here.

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