Blogger of the Month – Black Sheep Wools


I’m thrilled to share that I was selected as the Blogger of the Month by Black Sheep Wools. They’ve interviewed me here.

An excerpt:

Do you have a crochet or knitting tip you would like to share?

Yarn crafting heals if you let it! Find the way that it works best for you – whether that’s meditative or functional or as a form of self-expression or as an escape from the rest of life or whatever it may be. Don’t let anyone else decide what crochet or knitting is for you. Don’t let it be a “should” in your life. Enjoy it, celebrate it and let it work it’s magic in your life.

Read all about my crochet work in the full interview.



San Francisco based writer/ blogger with an interest in how words can help heal individuals and connect communities.

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