Heart-Centered Influencer Award

The Crochet Lounge is running a series right now recognizing the Top 20 Heart-Centered Influencers in crochet. Each person that they award has done something truly heartfelt in the crochet community and had a ripple effect with their work as a result.

crochet award

I’m honored to say that they’ve awarded me the best “curator and storyteller” award.

“Visiting Kathryn’s blog is almost like walking
through a time warp from yarn bombs to
runway fashions to all things big and small.
Her contribution is truly amazing.”

“There isn’t a popular social platform that
I have not found Kathryn’s great contributions,
and she does it with grace and a unique
voice. With roughly 100k followers across major
platforms, you’d be missing out if you
don’t give these links a look.”

See the full award here.

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San Francisco based writer/ blogger with an interest in how words can help heal individuals and connect communities.

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  1. […] Thanks again to @crochetlounge for giving me their heart-centered influencer award for best curator and storyteller. […]

  2. […] Thanks again to @crochetlounge for giving me their heart-centered influencer award for best curator and storyteller. […]



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