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Awhile back I was interviewed on the blog Kanelstrand: Simple Living Chronicles and was asked a really great question about sharing personal information with others as a writer. I wanted to share that excerpt from the interview with you today.

I was asked:

In your book you share yours and other women’s stories about healing through crochet. How easy is it to share private and possibly sensitive information in a book for all the world to see?

Here was my response:

I really believe that each individual person has their own unique story to share and that sharing it is valuable for both that person and those who read the story. I further believe that it is my role as a writer to honestly share my own individual story as well as to make it possible for others to share their stories. So in a sense it was easy for me to share because the value of it is something that I genuinely believe in.

On the other hand, it is tough to share your whole truth with people and I definitely had my struggles about what to share and how to share it in the right way. You know that this book will be read by your family, your friends, strangers … and somehow you have to put that out of your mind and still tell your truth.

What was a little tougher for me was finding the best way to honor the stories that the other women shared with me. I felt a great sense of responsibility to these women who had told me intimate details of their health and lives and wanted to really share in a compassionate, intelligent way. I used personal interviews to get information from them. I left questions very open so that they could share only as much or little as they wanted (and offered the chance to be anonymous). In writing their stories, I tried to use their own words a lot of the time so as not to lose the essence of their truths.

I hope it all came through honestly. 

Read the entire interview here.

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