4 Things I Hope Crochet Saved My Life Teaches People

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In an interview awhile back with Sylvia Browder I was able to answer the question, “Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?”

Here’s what I answered:

Yes, there are several!

  • No matter what problems you have in life, you have to continue striving to have the best quality of life possible. Only you can do this for yourself.
  • There is value in the sharing of personal stories. We each have a unique experience to share with others.
  • Activities that encourage relaxation, self-expression and creativity are activities that will aid you in healing from almost anything.
  • Crochet is not a lost craft; it’s alive and well and practice by both men and women as a hobby as well as a therapeutic tool.

Read my whole interview with this terrific businesswoman, one of the most amazing women to support my work.

Note, the above graphic is actually from Craftypod who did a podcast interview of me and the book that is for sale here.

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