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I have received a few different requests from students who wanted to interview me about crochet since they’ve seen my experience in the field. Most of these have been college students but one that I recently did an interview with was a high school tenth grader. It was so neat to receive that contact.

The Initial Email

In the first email, the teen said:

“For my English 10 Honors Class I am working on a project where I choose a topic that interests me and pursue the topic. For my topic, I have chosen crocheting and hope for it to become a hobby of mine …

Through my project I will be learning the skills of crocheting scarves and hats. I will be crocheting nearly every day in hopes to gain experiences and dexterity required for some crocheting designs.

One of the requirements for this project is to interview two professionals in the field of my interest.”

And then asked to interview me. I was so touched, first that I was asked and then that it gave me the opportunity to help a teenager learn and explore this craft.

Follow-Up Email

I completed the interview via email. I really tried to put a lot of thought and care into my responses. Of course, I try to do this with every interview but I especially wanted to encourage this teen to enjoy the exploration of the craft.

I was so touched to recently receive the following follow-up email:

“Dear Miss Vercillo,

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me. Your answers expanded to the volume I hoped to receive in the end. Sorry for the delay of this email, but I got caught up in life, in school, and in crocheting. You are a great inspiration and I am honored I could have interviewed you. Your book was a great inspiration to me and to my friends. We now are all learning crocheting and have gotten much better since we started.
Thank you again!”

Share Your Knowledge

It means so much to me that I was able to help this student in this small way. I would encourage any youngster to consider reaching out to crafters, authors and others that inspire them in this one-to-one way. And I would encourage crafters, authors and other professionals to be open and willing to share their time with the younger generation. I am definitely busy and I can’t meet all requests but I try to help where I can and this was one opportunity where it was easy for me to offer a little bit of my time to someone who is just starting out in a craft I enjoy.

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