How Do You Decide What To Write About? (Interview Excerpt)


I was interviewed awhile back by Morgen Bailey. Morgen has recently updated that interview for a new blog. I thought it was a good time to share an excerpt from that interview.

How Do You Decide What to Write?

Morgen asked:

“You write non-fiction, how do you decide what to write about?”

I answered:

“I believe that each person in this world has her own unique experience and that all of the best writing comes from speaking directly from this experience. So my writing starts with me – my story, what I’m interested in, what motivates me. Then I try to take that and expand upon it to make it accessible to the widest base of readers. For example, my newest book, Crochet Saved My Life, is at heart my own story of dealing with debilitating depression and learning creative ways (such as crafting) to get through that. It is supplemented with the stories of others and a lot of research that helps explain why crafts and hobbies are healing for people with a diverse array of ailments.”

The Next Book, The Same Approach

hook to heal project

Morgen’s interview with me was originally done last year. I am now working on my next book, Hook to Heal. This book will help crocheters learn to use the craft to improve their relationships, self-esteem and quality of life. I am taking the same approach to this book. Each chapter will include:
  • Information on a challenge in life, such as the struggle to balance personal, work and creative life
  • True from-the-heart stories of how I’ve dealt with that specific challenge in my own life
  • Additional stories from others who have smart things to say about the same things
  • Tips, tricks, research and ideas for improving the situation

I am enjoying writing this and think that the approach is truly in line with my ongoing work and goals as a writer.

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