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Happy Weekend and Happy Reading. Link love is here on the blog every Saturday to keep you on top of the latest in the web world.

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  • Hybrid Library: QR Codes Access eBooks in Subway Station. @weburb explains, “Forgot to grab something to read on the train? If you happen to be in Bucharest, you can snag a volume from their floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall collection of ebook samples with the click of a button (in epub, pdf or even audiobook format).”

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  • SisterDiane of CraftyPod shared a really amazing, insightly, powerful and heartfelt post about how she has been going through a transition in her blogging/podcasting/working world and has learned so much about that in the process. I can’t even sum it up here because really you should just read the whole thing.

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  • Tamara of @mooglyblog for asking some amazingly smart questions in her interview of me about my Hook to Heal project.

Plus, Andee Graves let me be part of the blog tour for her first crochet pattern book. So sweet of her to say in her post about my blog: “Just be warned, her site is a bit addictive and you can easily find yourself spending a few hours reading and exploring links.”

I also want to make sure to thank all of the amazing people who are supporting Hook to Heal with their contributions. You’re wonderful! The project is now more than 75% funded and there are two weeks left to go. Keep on spreading the word! And expect a new post shortly personally thanking each of the contributors who have chosen to show their names publicly.

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