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My goal when it came to getting positive reviews on Amazon for Crochet Saved My Life was a modest goal of getting ten positive reviews. I’m so excited to say I’ve reached twice that – with 20 positive reviews, 5 of which are 5-star reviews. I am so touched!

Here are some of the amazing things people said in recent reviews:

“This book is was obviously a labor of love for the author. It is thought provoking and, today, I am going to go take my first crochet lesson in the Middle of Nowhere, France. Happy reading and crocheting!” – La Framéricaine

“Excellent reading. This would have made a great resource text for study for me years ago. I would like for it to become a must read for anyone studying occupational therapy/nursing/mental health.” – shan

“As someone who cannot fathom being in a place of deep depression, I have often found it hard to understand those who do, it (this book) was a BIG step toward understanding that. Add that to the fact that I have often used needlework myself to de-stress feed my mind and spirit. I now clearly understand what part it can play for someone who is paralyzed by depression.” – Pamela “Pam Ellis”

“This is a wonderful book with great stories of people overcoming great odds.” – Stephanie B.

“What better endorsement for a book that to have it change your own life? My 82-year-old mother is starting to show signs of dementia and depression from being isolated in her house. After reading the sections on depression and dementia in the book, I went online and found a knitting and crocheting club (she use to crochet many years ago) that meets weekly and is only a couple of miles from her house! So for my weekly visit this week we are going yarn shopping and looking for some beginner patterns for baby blankets, etc., and next week I will go with her to the Knit Wits club to get her started on what will hopefully be a new chapter in her life. Thank you, Kathryn Vercillo, for writting such a pertinent book for women today!” – LBJ

Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who chose to take the time to share their feelings about this book on Amazon. It means so much to this indie author!

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I saw a review of your book and resonated with me. This past year I was hospitalized two different occasions, both major depression episodes. after my second hospitalization, I picked up my knitting needles, after 10 years,and started knitting. It has been a joy creating a scarf with my own two hands. I wish I could get the word out to more people. Do you have any suggestions?



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