Reader Acknowledgments


I am so touched when I receive emails that share with me how my writing has touched others.

Beth Says:

“I’m working my way slowly through your book. (I’ve read nothing since my brother’s death 6 years ago; I used to be an avid reader but now it takes me all my time to remember what I read after the page is turned).

Can I just say that you’ve written my life in so many ways? Not exactly the same experiences or people, but the feelings the emotions, and you’ve actually put into words what I was struggling to even acknowledge.

Thank you. So much.  From the bottom of my heart.”


I find this so touching for so many reasons. Ultimately as a writer what I aim to do is to share my stories and the stories of others in an honest, open and heartfelt way. I try to trust that this will allow my creativity to reach the hearts of the people who most need to experience that story at that time.

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My Commitment as a Writer


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