I Am Lucky to Live as a Writer Today

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I was recently a featured author in the “spotlight” section of the Moregen Bailey writing blog. One of the things I shared in my article about my writing life was that I feel really lucky to live right now, in a time and place when I can easily share my writing with others.

My Full Thought

I said:

“I am lucky to live in a place and time where I am able to share my writing with others because I believe that writing can be an amazing way to connect with other people. We each have this great individual story to share and by doing so we open others to our world and open ourselves a bit to theirs as well.”

Regardless of whether or not I get paid to write, I live in a time when my writing can easily be shared with others through blogging and even social sites. It is possible for almost anyone to type out their thoughts and send them to others, getting feedback if they wish. It’s a powerful thing that allows more individual stories to be told from the first person perspective, which I think is amazing.

The Power of Personal Stories

In this spotlight I share a version of my commitment as a writer, which has to do with always honoring these personal stories. I wrote:

“I want to always draw from the well of personal experience, hear different experiences from others and see what studies have been done that support this anecdotal evidence no matter what I’m writing about.”

I’d Write Anyway

Even if this sharing weren’t as easy, I’d still be a writer. I shared in my spotlight:

“I am the kind of writer who would write even if nobody ever read my words, the kind of writer who keeps journals and pens compulsively because of a deep inner need to put my own experience down.”

More To Read

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