Want to Hear Me Talk About My Book?

Just a quick reminder today that there is a podcast interview available where I talk about Crochet Saved My Life, my experience of crafting through depression and the life of a writer/crafter.

The podcast interview was done by Sister Diane of CraftyPod who does terrific interviews with all types of creative businesspeople. I was honored to be a part of this podcast series.

The interview was free for the first month thanks to sponsorship from the Craft Yarn Council. That month is over but it only costs $2.95 to download the podcast now. Another option would be to subscribe to the full podcast series, which has a rich library of inspiring craft interviews to listen to.

Diane does a lot for the craft community, including supporting tons of free stuff online, so you’re doing a great thing by subscribing to her interviews. And of course I’d be touched if you wanted to hear what I have to say as an author of a new book.

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San Francisco based writer/ blogger with an interest in how words can help heal individuals and connect communities.

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My Newest Book


Crochet Saved My Life is my newest book. In it I share my own story of healing from depression through crafting. I also share the stories of 23 other women plus some research and anecdotal evidence that suggests that crochet has both mental and physical health benefits.

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