How to Spread the Word When You Get Good Press

Getting good press for your blog or product is a wonderful thing. It drives people to check you out and lends you additional credibility in your market. Maximize the benefits by utilizing the good press that you get! Here’s the process I go through whenever I see a positive mention of my blog or book:

Social Networking

The first thing I do when I see a bit of good press about myself is to head to my social networking sites and spread the word. I’ll tweet the post. I’ll give a mention on Facebook and G+ sharing a snippet of the praise with a link to the original article. And I’ll add the post to Stumbleupon so people can randomly come across it over time. If there’s a good image accompanying the article I’ll pin it.

This does a few things:

  • It shows all of your existing followers that someone else likes your stuff. Bonus points if that “someone” has terrific credibility in your niche!
  • It keeps your news fresh in the mind of your followers. This helps with branding.
  • It supports the site of the person who shared that good press since it sends people to check out the post.
So for example, when Annette Graf of The Examiner recommended my book, one of the things I did was head to the Crochet Saved My Life Facebook page where I shared the link and added:
Annette Graf of Examiner says: “This easy-to-read book is a great resource for anyone you know that may need some additional help in healing and getting to a better place whether they crochet, enjoy other crafts or are just looking for someone else that is willing to share their story about the struggle with illness or mental health issues.”

Create a Press Page

I think it’s important for all websites to have a press page. This is where you can brag about how much people like your site but also really show off why by selecting the best quotes that highlight the positive things about your blog. The press page helps people figure out what’s awesome about your site the very first time that they visit. It adds credibility as you highlight the lovely things that leaders in your niche have said about you. And it allows you to support those people by linking back to the place where they said those things.

I have a press page on my Crochet Concupiscence blog as well as a press page for Crochet Saved My Life. When I see a positive review for either of these things I check if there’s a quote I can pull that really emphasizes something I want people to know is likable about my product. If there is, I add it to the press page.

So for example, when Aberrant Crochet mentioned my blog in a shoutout on her blog, I supplemented my own press page with her quote that: “Kathryn writes extensively about the latest happenings in crochet. So if you consider yourself a serious fan of crochet and you’re not yet on her subscribers list, or following her on Twitter, well then you should be.”  I want to be known as someone who writes about all things crochet and is a great resource for this topic and this quote reflects that I’m doing my job.

With Crochet Saved My Life I also check around the web for relevant reviews, such as those on Amazon, and pull quotes for my press page. This supplements the quotes I pull from various blog reviews.

Do a Blog Post

Once I have updated my social networks and press pages with the good news, I analyze the article to see if something in it deserves its own blog post on any of my blogs. Sometimes there isn’t a lot of additional stuff to add so I don’t do a separate blog post but if I can put one together that offers value to my readers then I try to do so.

For example, when I received some positive feedback and posts from a variety of knitters I thought it worthy news to do a roundup post of that on the topic of how knitters do support crocheters even though there is historically been some divide between the two groups. That’s a topic of interest to crochet blog readers.

Also, I do link love roundups on all of my blogs each week. Mostly this is to support the work of other people around the web but at the bottom I give my special thanks and always include links to anyone who gave me good press during the week. So even if a positive review doesn’t warrant its own blog post on my blogs, it does get a mention there.

Add it to a Newsletter

I have two different newsletters (one for crochet news, the other related specifically to crochet health and my book). And I’m actually planning to start a monthly writing newsletter in the new year. These are all good places to give brief mentions of positive reviews so sometimes I do include the recent news in those newsletter. It’s always just a small part of the newsletter as a newsletter should really be primarily focused on providing helpful information to subscribers and not focused on promotion. Still, good reviews can be included in a small way in newsletters.

Don’t Forget to Say Thanks

At the top of this post I said that the first thing I do when I see a good mention of me is to hit the social networks. That’s the first promotional thing I do but the very first thing I do is actually to say thanks to the person who said those nice things. Usually I’ll leave a comment on the post itself and also email the person with a thanks.

Mostly I do this just because it’s common courtesy to thank someone when they say something nice about you. I also do it as a way of letting them know that I follow their blog or site and saw the post. And although it’s not my main goal, I do keep in mind that this helps to strengthen my networking connection with the person. The people who support you will often continue to support you if you show proper gratitude and also support of their work so don’t underestimate keeping those connections strong!

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Great insight Kathryn! I learned from your in-depth post too!  I have been negligent in putting together my press page.  Something I need to take time to do!


@CrochetBlogger Well, it took me awhile, but I finally took a stab at it! Thanks for the prod, even if I resisted and put it off.  ;)



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