The Writer’s Bucket List

I was writing about bucket lists on my personal blog today and I started thinking specifically about the writer’s bucket list. I definitely have goals as a writer but I hadn’t really compiled them all in one place before so I thought I’d look at some other bucket lists by writers and see what I’ve accomplished and what I may want to add to my own life list.

Writing Bucket List Ideas

Daring to Live Fully has compiled 500+ bucket list ideas and includes a section for writers as well as some career goals that would be appropriate for writers. On that list are:

  • Become a freelance writer
  • Get an article published in the New Yorker.
  • Get an article published in The Huffington Post.
  • Write and publish a novel.
  • Write a #1 NY Times Bestseller.
  • Write an eBook.
  • Win NaNaWriMo.
  • Write a children’s book
  • Write a cookbook.
  • Write a play.
  • Write a travel book.
  • Write a textbook.
  • Publish a book of poetry.
  • Write for a TV sitcom.
  • Write a comic book.
  • Crack the Top 100 on Amazon Kindle.
  • Earn enough from your writing to be able to quit your day job.
  • Be recognized as an authority in your field (become world-renowned and then be the best in your field follow that)
  • Leave a valuable contribution in your area of expertise.
  • Start your own business.

My Take on The Above List

I’ve accomplished a few on that list including becoming a freelance writer (as my full-time job), writing an ebook, starting a business, becoming recognized as an authority in my field and leave a valuable contribution in my area of expertise.

From that list, there are some that I’m not at all interested in including writing a children’s book, cook book, comic book, textboook or TV sitcom. I also don’t even believe in a “best” in the field. I’m not aiming to win NaNaWriMo or get published in Huffington or New Yorker or even necessarily to write a NY Times Bestseller or Amazon Kindle Top 100 (not that I’d complain if I did any of those).

So what’s left is that I would like to write and publish a novel, publish a book of poetry, write a play and maybe write a travel book.

A Top 100 List

I also saw a great writer’s list over at Mark O’Brien Writes of 100 ideas for writers.

From his list there are lots I’ve done:

  • Write poetry
  • Write a song
  • Write about something I know nothing about
  • Set up a nice mold for myself and then break it
  • Dedicate one book to each member of my family
  • Represent those that have little to no voice with my own / write for an underrepresented group
  • Truly touch someone with my words
  • Inspire someone to write
  • Telleveryone I know that I’m a writer
  • Write non-fiction
  • Write and edit a book over one year
  • Outline
  • Write a short story
  • Put a new twist on a trend
  • Research for years on a subject
  • Get fan mail
  • Get hate mail
  • Move somewhere inspiring
  • Meet my online writer friends
  • Be interviewed
  • Get a professional author photo
  • Get a book cover I love
  • Write a bio for the back of my books
  • Cry over a manuscript
  • Have a professional author website
  • Write non-stop for a weekend
  • Fall in love with my work

From his list, I was super inspired by a few ideas, like the idea to write two memoirs – one at age 40 and one at age 80 and to never forget either your audience or yourself.

Adding on from Other Lists

I checked out a bunch of other writer bucket lists as well and here are some I’d take away from those:

And From My Own List

I have a lot of goals specifically related to my book Crochet Saved My Life but for a “bucket list” style list I want to go broader so here are some of the things I’m aiming to complete:

  • Turn a book into a play and see it performed
  • Record my own audio book of something I’ve written
  • Collaborate with an artist on a book
  • Do a virtual book reading / book launch party
  • Go on a writing retreat
  • Attend a writer’s conference
  • Be a slam poet for a night
  • Be published, reviewed or mentioned in at least 50 print magazines
  • Be published, reviewed or mentioned on at least 1000 websites
  • Set and and achieve at least one major writing goal each year

What’s on your writing bucket list?

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