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I have been active on Pinterest for awhile, primarily pinning things related to crochet as a means of connecting to the community of readers for my crochet blog. However, I do also have a few other pin boards where I curate images and article that may interest you:

My Pinterest History

I was first introduced to Pinterest in February 2010. At that time, SF Girl By Bay launched a project to get people started on Pinterest and share their inspiration with others. I got set up on the site at that time and thought it was a cool tool but didn’t start really using it until about a year later when I got going with my Crochet Concupiscence blog.

Some of my Non-Crochet Pin Boards

For a long time I only used Pinterest to pin crochet stuff and that is what most of my boards remain focused around. However, I have started to expand on that over time and I now pin things in several other categories including:

I pin writing related stuff on one board and then on another I pin books including books I’m reading, books others recommend and terrific book organization ideas.

I love to gather inspiration for beautiful things including fashion inspiration and inspiration for retro-inspired photos. Another fun board I love added to is called “women I secretly want to be”.

I am also inspired by art of all kinds, which I curate into one board, and then I have a separate board for the art or beauty images that are a little strange, weird or unusual.

Community Boards

I have also been invited to join a number of community boards and am trying to get active with pinning to these as well. The community boards that I am a part of include:

  • The Universal Bucket List
  • Home DIY Ideas
  • Share Your Very Best DIY
  • Handicrafts, Handmade and Independent Artisans
And I’m also a community member of many different crochet and craft boards.

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