Sometimes Others Say It Best (Or Why Writers Hire Copywriters)

I recently read a review of Crochet Saved My Life, in which the reviewer summed up the message of my book in a way that wasn’t how I would have done it but was totally spot on. This made me start thinking about why writers work not only with editors but also sometimes hire copywriters to help them with their press.

The Book Review

The book review I’m talking about comes from Mixed Media Artist who said in part:

“I’m going to simplify Kathryn’s message drastically here, and I hope that I don’t do it a disservice: crochet can be a physical form of meditation, a gently repetitive and focused task that can help to take a person outside or herself and her interior trauma. And it results in the practitioner actually creating something, which is no small thing for someone who feels derailed in other ways.”

This doesn’t do me a disservice in any way. Although of course the full book goes into a whole lot more detail about the benefits of crochet, this accurately sums up the main points in a way that also helps someone who doesn’t crochet understand those benefits.

Writers for Writers

As a writer running my own business on a shoestring budget these days, I do most of the tasks of my job myself. When I outsource tasks, it’s because I feel like the person I’m paying to do them can save me money in the long run because they’re so much better at the job than I am. For example, I have a web guy who helps me with all kinds of technical stuff that I could probably eventually figure out on my own but doing so might waste a lot of time plus cause serious site downtime that would result in lost traffic and therefore lost income and opportunities and damage to my reputation. So I outsource that.

I don’t outsource my writing. I am, after all, a writer. I don’t just write my books … I write all of my own newsletters, blogs, press releases, and site copy. In general, this is the way I want it. However, this review has me thinking about the benefits of a writer sometimes hiring another writer for some copy. Some of those benefits include:

  • Some writers may do a better job at certain types of writing than the author does. For example, I feel like I’m a little weak in my press release writing skills so perhaps it would be a benefit to hire someone to handle that.
  • Certain writing tasks may be repetitive and decrease the writer’s creative growth. I personally like blogging but some writers might hire bloggers so they can focus their writing time on their books, as an example. I do admit that writing all day on blogs, etc. can drain some of the energy away from writing longer works.
  • Other writers can give a different perspective to what you’re trying to say. That’s what this review did … it didn’t change my words at all but it provided a way of looking at my content that was different than how I would say it. It’s not objectively better or worse but sometimes it’s good to have things phrased differently than the same old way you keep saying it.
I’m not in a position to hire a copywriter right now. I have many other tasks that I’d pass off to someone else first if the budget allowed. But this has me thinking that somewhere down the line a writer may be something I add to my writing business.

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