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Here is this week’s roundup of all of the articles I read on the web that were smart, creative and inspiring!

Something Cool

Take Better Photos Tutorial Blog Hop. Several blogger came together this week to share their tips for taking and sharing better photos for blogs. I think this is a great important topic. As @sisterdiane said in her post about it: “there are so many great projects on the web, but sadly, when they have not-so-great photography, I can’t share them more widely” – and I find that to be so true. I also love that several smart bloggers came together to support each other’s work with a blog hop on the topic – smart! Here were the contributions:

On Writing and Reading

On Blogging and Social Media

On Productivity, Time Management and Organization

  • 5 Ways to Make Google Calendar Work For You. I’m always starting to use this tool and then letting it go so it was helpful for me to hear some of these tips and ideas in the Lifehack video post by Steve Dotto.
  • To Do Lists. Lifehack shares a roundup of advice from entrepreneurs about what to cross off of a To Do list first.


  • Roundup of Inspiring TED Talks. This is a handmadeology post that is actually part ten in a series filled with inspiration, advice and information on niche market businesses.
  • Slow Down Time With Awe. Emily Esfahini Smith writes a Washingon Times article this week titled, “The experience of awe can slow down perceived time in people’s lives.”

Other Smart Stuff

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