Reviewer Hits The Nail on the Head for Crochet Saved My Life

Annette Graf reviewed Crochet Saved My Life recently and she hit the nail on the head with so many points. She really managed to highlight several of the key things that I want readers to know about this book. Let’s take a look:

Excerpt From Review

Here is an excerpt from Graf’s Examiner review:

“The author’s story is fascinating and beneficial to others dealing with their struggles with depression and finding ways to cope through the pain. The personal stories told along with the ways crafting and crochet will help others relate to the people featured in the book.

Don’t let the word “crochet” in the title deceive you because the book is much more than that. It covers the entire aspect of how to heal by using other methods proven effective in many different conditions.

This easy-to-read book is a great resource for anyone you know that may need some additional help in healing and getting to a better place whether they crochet, enjoy other crafts or are just looking for someone else that is willing to share their story about the struggle with illness or mental health issues.”

The Salient Points

Graf hits so many key points that I am so proud of as an author. Those points are:

  • I shared my story with the goal not of being self-pitying but rather of being “beneficial to others”.
  • I wanted the book to be relatable and felt others’ personal stories were important to share to make that happen. Simply reading the stories of others can be helpful.
  • The book is about crochet but it’s also about so much more. You don’t have to love crochet to “get” the book. The methods of healing discussed in the book, such as mindfulness, can be achieved in other ways as well.
  • The book is easy to read. It covers a lot of mental health topics and some science but I wanted to make sure that people could easily understand this through the language I chose.
  • The book encourages you to find a way to get yourself to a better space regardless of your specific health issues.

Thanks Annette for really nailing those important points in your review!

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