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As a solopreneur myself I’m always interested in what causes other people to start and run their own business. I found a lot interesting about this infographic about entrepreneurs that was posted recently on

The Entrepreneur Infographic

Entrepreneurs in numbers

What I Found Interesting

  • More than one third of people are allowing fear to stop them from moving forward in their businesses. I know all about fear as a solopreneur and writer. I have to face it constantly. I think it’s a shame when it holds people back, though. Always ask yourself what the worst thing is that could come of taking a risk … and what the best outcome could be … this helps put the opportunities into perspective!
  • Fascinating that the stats show that we’re happier and more optimistic as a whole but not more relaxed as entrepreneurs. I just think it’s interesting because most people equate leisure time and relaxation with happiness but that doesn’t actually seem to be the case.
  • Twice as many men as women are running their own startups. What I would be curious to know is what the numbers are gender-wise when it comes to solopreneur work. I know many women, both moms and single ladies, who run their own full or part time businesses. I think taking this into consideration would change the numbers considerably.
  • One of the things that didn’t surprise me at all is that entrepreneurs work more hours than the average employee. I absolutely work more than my traditionally employed friends. I’d say the gap in hours is even bigger than this infographic represents because oftentimes my friends are at work and getting paid to be there but are actually chatting, social networking and otherwise not working. When I do that, I don’t get paid!
  • I thought the response options for “why do you do it?” were odd in the sense that they didn’t talk about passion, fulfilling a dream, being your own boss or doing work you love, which I think are the main reasons many of us are solo/entrepreneurs.

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