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This domain,, was the first website of my own that I ever launched. The original blog associated with it, which I called Real Words, was the first real blog of my own that I started. I made a lot of mistakes and experienced a lot of growth along the way.

When I recently revamped this site so that it could reflect my current writing work I took down all of that old blog content. Some of it just wasn’t relevant anymore, some of it is relevant but needs to be reorganized and repackaged. Basically, I wanted to put more considered thought into what and how I present here on my main professional blog now that I know a lot more about writing and blogging.

The funny thing is that as much as things have changed, there is also a lot that has stayed the same. I can say this because I still find that what I wrote as my very first blog post on this site way back when still rings true for me today. I wanted to preserve that and share it so I’m posting that content here, in my own words from several years back.

The Original First Blog Post

  I firmly believe that all artists should look at life from their own eyes out and share that vision the best that they can, irrelevant of how the rest of the world might see things. I hope that as a writer that’s something that I do. Welcome to my blog!*

There were a dozen different ways that I thought of starting off this blog. Having worked on numerous professional blogs over the last few years, I’m knowledgeable about all of the different things that I “should” use this blog for and all of the ways to do those things. I know the ins and outs of writing for my audience, selecting keywords to make the posts searchable, planning to tag the posts for promotion on social bookmarking sites … but I don’t want to use this blog just as a tool for self-promotion. Yes, that’s a nice added benefit, but it’s not the reason that I’m bothering to write my own blog. Instead, I want this blog to be a place where I can really connect with the people who read my work and who like what I do, to collaborate with others on creative projects and to really just share what my life is like as a writer.

Hence, the title of my web page and the name for this blog. You see, I always kind of wanted to be a writer. I also wanted to be a million other things (I’m certified in massage therapy, I’m interested in photography, I have degrees in social service and public agency work and I had a brief stint in law school). But through it all, I wrote. I wrote letters, newsletters, poems, stories, articles, vignettes, books and a whole lot of nothing much sometimes. And for many years, even though I did all of this writing, I didn’t consider myself a “real” writer. Sure, I wrote stuff all the time. Sure I started to get paid for it. But it seemed like there was some sort of level of “success” that I needed to achieve as a writer that I hadn’t yet reached.

I wasn’t even sure what this level of success was defined as. I just knew that I wasn’t yet a “real” writer. And I hoped someday that I would be. And then, subtly, it happened. I began to just associate myself with being a writer. It wasn’t related to getting published or having my own writer’s website or being listed as a contributing author on a nationally-selling magazine. It was simply because I write. That’s what I do … on most days anyway. I write. And that’s what makes me a writer.

And the truth about being a writer is that some days I write stuff that’s terrible. I write things that don’t make sense. I write things that make sense but about which I’m not passionate. I re-write things that I’ve already written before hoping to make them better this time. And that’s what this blog is all about … writing bad stuff sometimes and not being afraid to share it with the people that read my work. Writing is a process. It’s an ongoing thing. And being a writer is a way of living. It’s a choice – one that’s messy and confusing and satisfying and wonderful – and one that I make again and again every time that I choose to keep writing.

So, yes, this blog is going to be messy sometimes. It’s going to detail the ups and downs of what writing is and what it means to me and how it changes as I change. It’s going to share my work and share stories about the days that I just don’t feel like working at all. It’s going to be real words (probably with typos sometimes although I’ll do my best to act like I edit!) from a real writer who is working in the world of writing right now.’

The Original About Page

In addition to my first blog post, I thought I’d share what my original “about” page said for this site, including what type of content I planned to (and did for awhile) share. Here that is:

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember and a professional freelance writer for over five years. This blog is a collection of my thoughts on writing, my tips for making money at it and my experience in eking creativity out of a life that’s comprised of writing all day long. It’s also an ongoing diary of sorts about what I’m up to as a writer.

Here are some of the other things that you can find regularly on Real Words:

  • Inspired! This is a daily column in which I reveal what things are inspiring to me and what I plan to do with that inspiration. Images, artists, songs, theories, and books may be things that inspire me enough to warrant a mention here. They show what the inspiration was and how it impacts my writing work.
  • Green writing. One of the issues that concerns me is how we can all be a little more eco-friendly in our everyday actions and specifically in our web writing work. I regularly post articles on how to be a greener writer and how to implement green creativity into your life.
  • Writing tips. I do a whole lot of writing on a daily basis so I have lots of tips and information and ideas to share. There are blogging and social networking tips on this site as well although they aren’t the focus of the site.
  • Creative reading. I’m a big fan of books about writing and creativity so I read them regularly and offer information, reviews and links to them here on Real Words.
  • Project updates. I think it’s good for creative people to see the entire process that other creative folks go through so I regularly post updates about my personal projects to facilitate this. There will be links to my ongoing work and insight into how I approached it, felt about it and am moving forward from it.

And Now?

I continue to think that there’s value in a “messy”, chaotic, jumbled personal blog. It allows you room to share different sides of yourself, different ways of connecting with people, different interests. And I still do that, but I do it now on Diary of a Smart Chick, a blog I’ve been writing for years now that changes from time to time as I change and that will continue to do so (I hope) for many years to come. That’s where you can go now to see my varied interests.

Although I think the inspired column was a great idea, I haven’t kept it up but Diary shows a lot of my inspirations over time and is also where I frequently share what I’m reading and some of my projects. More complete projects are added here to my online writing portfolio. As for “green writing”, I wrote a lot of great articles about this unique topic that I’ll eventually repackage and share here again in one place but it turned out to be a topic that had a limited lifespan in terms of new content so it faded out after awhile.

Why the change as far as putting more stuff on Diary and taking it away from here? Well, as my writing career has grown and I’ve seen more success I’ve come to realize the value of having the website that is under my name be a solid professional reflection of my work. A jumbled blog is fine but not for professional purposes. So the new Kathryn Vercillo website is where I share my thoughts and experiences about the writing life, information about my projects, links to my work around the web and so on and so forth. And this makes perfect sense in line with what I said years ago – that the blog would change as I change in my writing!

What still really rings true is that I continue to want this to be a place where “I can really connect with the people who read my work and who like what I do, to collaborate with others on creative projects and to really just share what my life is like as a writer.”

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Check the current About Me page for more information about what this site means to me now.

How has your writing life changed in the past five years? Ten? More?

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