Crochet Saved My Life at Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl

I recently put out a press release with the exciting news that my book, Crochet Saved My Life, is going to be part of the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl this fall.

The Press Release

New Crochet Book Stars at Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl


Hudson Valley, New York –┬áRecently published craft book Crochet Saved My Life will be represented at multiple stops on the upcoming Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl. This yarn crawl event celebrates a love of all fiber arts. The book, although focused on crochet, also honors the value of all needlework crafts as a means to achieving a variety of different health benefits and so is the perfect addition to this event.

Crochet Saved My Life is a non-fiction book by Kathryn Vercillo about the health benefits of crafting. The author interviewed 23 women about their experiences with a variety of different health and mental health issues and shared their raw, honest, inspiring stories in this book. She also bravely shared her own story of crocheting as she healed through lifelong depression. The book, released in August 2012 to a slew of positive reviews, is a testimony to the idea that handcrafting heals.

The Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl is a twice-yearly event. A yarn crawl is when multiple yarn stores and fiber farms in the same area come together to celebrate crafting with special events, deals, and more. It provides local knitters, crocheters, spinners and others who love fiber the chance to come together in one place to celebrate their passions. The Fall 2012 Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl is scheduled for November 17th and 18th. There are more than one dozen participating locations in the Hudson Valley.

Four of the stops on the Fall 2012 Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl will be featuring Crochet Saved My Life in some way. Spruceridge Farm, an alpaca farm with an adjoining unique fiber shop, is carrying copies of the book available for purchase. Yarn shops Countrywool in Hudson and The Perfect Blend Yarn and Tea Shop in Saugerties are each offering a giveaway copy of the book as well as 10% off discount coupons for online orders. Those discount coupons will also be available at Scarecrow Farm, a multigenerational family farm in Upper Hollowville.

Why I’m Excited

Obviously I’m excited because Crochet Saved My Life is getting out there more and more. I really believe in this book and am happy whenever it gets into the hands of more people. But I’m especially excited to be part of the yarn crawl for several reasons:

  • I think yarn crawls are great events. Yarn crawls bring together the entire community of fiber arts lovers in one area to celebrate their shared passion. These events bring people into local stores and farms to support small businesses with their purchases. It’s a great opportunity for strengthening the crochet/knitting community of an area and I am happy to be able to do my part to spread the word because my book is going to be there.
  • I’m proud when the knitting and spinning community supports my book. The title of the book obviously hones in on crochet lovers but the research I did is relevant to crafters of all fiber arts persuasions and I want to do a better job of making sure that people know that. The fact that four generous shop / farm owners offered their support, sometimes in stores that truly emphasize knitting and/or spinning, really shows that we’re all a community together in this.
  • Crochet Saved My Life is still in only a handful of brick and mortar stores. There are many people who just aren’t going to see it online but might come across it in a yarn store so it’s important to me that the book gets placed in physical locations like this.

Examiner Story

I wanted to be sure to mention that Richard Frisbie of the Hudson Valley Examiner has done an article about the yarn crawl and my book’s role in the event.

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