What I Tweet

I use Twitter under two different accounts. Under @CrochetBlogger I focus specifically on crochet and then under @KathrynVercillo I share thoughts on pretty much everything else.

I used Tweetcloud to analyze what I tweet about on both of these accounts, going back about two months, and here are the results:

Kathryn Vercillo on Twitter as @CrochetBlogger

Kathryn Vercillo on Twitter as @KathrynVercillo

What I Tweet

As you can see, there are some topics I tweet about on both of my accounts but with more frequency on one than the other – crochet mostly on @CrochetBlogger of course and books mostly on @KathrynVercillo for example. There is lots of positivity, gratitude and happiness over on @CrochetBlogger whereas on @KathrynVercillo I tend to be a little bit more mind-oriented and research-focused.

What do you tweet?

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