My Book in a Brick and Mortar Store

I have exciting news to share: my book, Crochet Saved My Life, is now for sale in its first brick-and-mortar store!

Brick and Mortar Stores

Crochet Saved My Life has been doing really well in online sales. It’s not only available through CreateSpace (where it started) and Amazon (which it automatically goes to since it’s published through CreateSpace) but it’s only been picked up by other online stores / channels (Barnes and Noble, for example). This is terrific. I’m super excited about it.

But not everyone does their shopping online. (It’s hard for me to believe since I strongly prefer to shop online!) And I want to get my book in front of new audiences, including people who aren’t necsssarily going to stumble across it online. So it was one of my goals to get my book into some brick-and-mortar stores.

I wanted to start by pitching it to yarn stores. The book deals with the broad topic of crafting to heal from a variety of health conditions and would be appropriate in many different stores and settings. However, it’s focused on how people have used crochet to heal so it’s best to start by getting it in front of crocheters. Yarn stores are where crocheters hang out so naturally that’s where I want to see the book first.

The Black Sheep Knitting Co.

The first store to say that they would support the book by carrying it in their store was The Black Sheep Knitting Co. located in Needham, MA. This shop is located in the Greater Boston Area where there are lots of great yarn shops (and in fact was recently part of the big Yarn Crawl that happens every year in that area).

This store carries a lot of luxury yarns and both knitting and crochet supplies. They also sell patterns and books. I’m hoping that my book is going to be a hit with their customers. I believe it has a really powerful cover design (thanks Julie Michelle photography), which I know is what captures passers-by in a store like this. In fact, I deliberately chose a black-and-white cover because I knew that would stand out amidst the colors in a yarn store or at a craft fair.

So, a huge thanks to Black Sheep Knitting Co. for being the first brick-and-mortar store to support this indie author! There are currently some other deals in the works with different yarn stores and a few book stores but this shop was the first.

Placing Books On Consignment

I should say that Black Sheep Knitting Co. took this book on consignment. I have a standard consignment contract that I work with to create a mutually beneficial situation (I hope) for the store and for me as an author. I definitely think that consignment is a route that self-published authors should consider using to getting their books in stores. It is low-risk for both parties. It allows your book to get in front of more people and will hopefully lead to sales. If not, all you’re really out is the cost of shipping because you get your unsold copies returned to you and can use them again somewhere else. Of course, you should have a contract in place in case anything goes awry but in general you’ll be working with small business owners who are typically going to be respectful of you as you are of them.

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