My Best Small Business Tip

Last week there was a terrific article posted over on Business Beware Show. Entrepreneurs and small business owners across a diverse range of different industries came together to offer their own advice on the most important thing that they’ve learned in business. I was honored to have my tip included.

My Tip

We were asked to share one tip that was the most important thing we’d learned in running a business. As a solopreneur for so many years, I’ve learned a lot and learned it the hard way, but the most important thing I’ve learned is:

“You should learn every part of your business BUT you should pass off the tasks you’re less good at to others. It’s your job to know what’s going on and how to handle each step of the process but you should delegate a variety of tasks to other strong professionals in order to maximize your time and take your business as far as it can go!”

I am lucky to work with and collaborate with some wonderful people on a variety of projects. I can only hope to add more great people to my team as I grow.

Some Others Agreed

I was definitely not alone in expressing this same sentiment.

Gisela McKay of Natural Health Care Canada said: “The hardest lesson I have had to learn is that “I can do anything” doesn’t mean ‘I can do everything’. In my case it wasn’t even so much about a resistance to delegating or budget, just a genuine misconception that because I can do something, it should land on my plate. Sometimes because I felt like it would take longer to teach someone than to do it myself — which may have been true of the first time, but by the fifth time, it would have taken far less time to have taught it in the first place. It also made me a bottle-neck on far too many projects.”

And Karen Rapport of Feel the Hugs puts the same idea a little more simply, saying: ““Don’t go at it alone, get a support system. We constantly bounce ideas of each other. If ones down the other is there for support.”

What Others Had To Say

Of course, everyone had different tips to share. Some of the others I wholeheartedly agree with were:

  • Alina Adams said: ““They say ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ What “they” neglect to add is that means everything you once loved then becomes a job. Think long and hard if you are ready for the consequences of that before you start.”
  • Nathan Hunt of Dressler Advertising said: “Give frustration a time limit. No matter what goes wrong in the course of the workday, I give myself exactly ten minutes to be upset about it and then it’s time to drop it and move on. Self-pity is not a business strategy.”
  • Tim Doyle of said: “Do not wait for someone to give you permission to start your business/idea. With access to the internet and a little spark, anything you want to accomplish is possible. No more excuses. Start today!”

You can read the full article here to see all of the entrepreneurial tips that people offered.

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