Why I Have 3 Facebook Pages When I Don’t Like Facebook

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like Facebook. I just don’t enjoy anything about the format of the site. I waited a long time after most of my friends to hop on board with it socially. I waited even longer to create a fan page for my blog. And it was only after some prodding that I created pages for my book and myself as an author. But now that I’ve done it, I’m glad that I made those pages.

Everyone Uses Facebook

Ultimately what I had to accept is that even though I don’t like Facebook a lot of people do. That’s where people are and that’s why I need to use it. I use it socially because it’s the most convenient way to stay in touch with the largest group of people. I have found that a lot of people support my new pages there and the pages drive a lot of traffic to my sites. So it doesn’t matter that I’d rather connect on G+ or even plain old email – Facebook is where it’s at. Why ignore that?!

As an aside, I think it’s important to remember that the popular of sites like Facebook comes and goes with time. About 4 years ago I wrote an article about MySpace vs Facebook and the jury was still out over which was the better one to use. In fact, my article and some subsequent research encouraged at least one writer to go with MySpace over Facebook. Most people would choose Faecbook today. I think Facebook is here to stay in some form but it won’t always be the mega giant that it is today!

My Blog’s Page

The first page I made was for my blog, Crochet Concupiscence. This is a place where the fans of my blog can come to see what I’m doing, to stay on top of the latest posts (which is especially great for those who use Facebook and don’t use a blog reader for my RSS) and respond to some of the questions and comments I have. I can interact with blog readers here and I do that to some degree. I will note that I prefer to interact with them on my blog whenever possible but I’m open to having this alternative way to communicate, too.

My Book’s Page

Although my blog’s page has had some good success and a lot of support, it hadn’t occurred to me to create a separate page just for my book. My book is also related to crochet so I thought it would be sufficient to post about it in the blog’s Facebook page. But actually the book is its own thing and it deserves its own space. This was pointed out to me by my smart photographer friend Julie Michelle (who did the cover photos for the book). After the encouraged me to make a page for the book, I realized this was a way smarter place to let interested fans know about reviews, interviews and news related specifically to the book. I’m glad that I did this because it serves as a space specifically showing the book’s success. I can be proud of that.

My Author Fan Page

Right after making my book’s page, I realized I needed an author fan page, too. Crochet Saved My Life is not the only book I’ve written and it’s not the last book I’m writing to it makes sense to have a page for myself as a professional writer. This is where I can connect with other authors to trade advice, information, links and news. It’s where I can share news about my work as a writer with those people who are specifically interested in that part of my career.

My Personal Facebook

I still have my personal Facebook page but I’m in the process of transitioning it to a smaller, more private account. I had previously connected with a lot of other people there (bloggers, etc.) but they aren’t people I know personally. I’ve decided I want to transition those people over to my fan pages, keeping only my actual friends on my personal page and closing off some of the less secure parts of that page. I think it’s a smart move although I’ve read conflicting views on this.

I’m Still Not In Love with Facebook

It’s still tough for me to get used to using Facebook frequently. I know that I use it differently than many people. To me, my pages should reflect my own branding of my blog, book and professional writing career. To that end I don’t post links to other things that aren’t about those specific items about me. I do know that the general rule of thumb in social media is that you should promote other people’s stuff even more than your own but I just feel like my Facebook pages should be about me. For the same reason, I don’t like when people add a post to my page that’s about their own work. I do think the site is great for connecting and networking but I prefer to do that through likes and comments. So to me, Facebook pages should reflect the brand.

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How do you use Facebook in your professional life?


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Hi Kathryn,

I have a free wordpress blog, like you even I don't like facebook so much but recently ended up creating a page on fb that I linked to my blog, I wanted to know if there is a way to reflect all the old likes and comments on my personal page to this new page which in turn can show up on my blog? Please help

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