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These posts were my favorites out of all of the blog posts I read this week in the world of writing, blogging, productivity and more. Check them out if you missed them in this week’s web.

Writing and Reading


  • How to Make Fonts with Handwriting. Elsie of A Beautiful Mess shares how she does this. The handwriting on that blog always makes it feel more personal so this is kind of cool.
  • How to Place Keywords in a Blog Post Properly. SEO changes constantly so there are always new posts on this topic. To be honest, I don’t really concern myself much with SEO and keywords. I feel like if I write on topic then I’ll naturally end up incorporating good keywords. That may or may not be true, though, and I can appreciate that other people are more active with their efforts so I think posts like this one, which was a BloggingPro guest post by Karol K., can be helpful.



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Henri 1 Like

Thanks for including my guest post over at Write to Done. I appreciate it. Good list, this one is :)

tschwenkler 1 Like

Thanks for the shoutout, Kathryn :-)



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