5 Reasons an Image-Only Interview is Awesome

In July I saw a terrific new feature on the CraftyPod blog – an image-only interview. Diane, a smart businesswoman and great creative blogger and podcaster, had done her first interview and then mentioned that she was looking for other people to interview in this new format. I immediately e-mailed her because I thought the idea was so cool. She quickly did my interview and it was fun for me and a success on the site. She continues doing these unique interviews every Monday and I always pay attention to them.

What is an image-only interview?

As the name suggests, this is an image-rich interview. Diane asks questions and instead of responding with words the interviewee finds a picture that answers the question. Now, it’s not totally image-only. The way it works is that you add a caption to the photos explaining the relationship of the image to the answer (because sometimes it’s naturally going to be a little bit abstract) and anyone who is curious about the caption can roll over the image and see it. So smart!

5 reasons I really loved doing the image-only interview:

A single image, like a single rose, can say so much!

  1. It’s a super unique approach to interviews. love when bloggers take something common – an interview, a review, a top ten list – and do something really creative and new with it. Diane is the first person I saw doing this type of interview and I loved that.
  2. I’m super wordy so this took me out of my box. I’m not a visual person at all. I think in words. It was a great exercise for me to stretch my own way of thinking to come up with an image-based response that others would be able to relate to.
  3. I got the chance to use my old images in new creative ways. Although I’m more wordy than visual I do take tons of photos and it was terrific to get a chance to share them.
  4. It offers a quick-read interview that still has substance. The web is a busy place these days. People don’t always have the time / energy/ interest/ attention span to read a lengthy author interview. This was a way that people could “read” an interview with me in a quick, impactful way.
  5. Images are the way of today’s web. This ties in to some of my other points, specifically point four. People want image-rich content today. As someone who is less visual, I don’t always love this myself, but it’s the way things are so it’s important to consider that and adapt to it.

As a Reader

I continue to regularly check out the image-only interviews that Diane does on the Craftypod site. It gives me a chance to quickly learn about a lot of different creative people and to really see their creativity in action!

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Sister Diane
Sister Diane

Thank you so much, Kathryn! This piece really made me happy. I'm so glad you're liking the image interviews. By the comments I get each Monday, others do as well. I think you're 100% right about the web becoming more and more image-oriented. In fact, the idea for this interview series presented itself in one of those moments of "why don't people read anything" frustration. The fact is, we all have way too much to read anymore, and many of us gravitate to things that give us a respite from that pressure. It's why I visit Tom and Lorenzo all the time.


I love that you were able to take a moment of frustration and find a brilliant solution to it that works for everyone!



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