Who Should Grab A Copy of Crochet Saved My Life

My new book, Crochet Saved My Life, was recently reviewed by Stacey Trock. She’s a crochet designer, blogger and podcaster. She gives some great insight into certain types of people who might especially enjoy the book.

Stacey says “Grab this book if …”

  • You’re stressed/anxious/depressed and are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • You need inspiration from powerful women who have turned their lives around.
  • You have a friend/relative struggling with mental illness. You can read Crochet Saved My Life as a way to gain insight into their experience because “Kathryn has a gift for putting into words ideas that usually remain hiding in the back of peoples’ minds.”
  • You crochet … you’ll have an excuse for squeezing in more crocheting!
  • You don’t crochet but do some other craft. “It’s immediately obvious to anyone reading it that the message reaches far beyond crocheting: crafting, particularly tactile and engaging crafting, does wonders for the spirit.”

Read Stacey’s full review of my book here.

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Crochet Saved My Life was recommended by and for health professionals. Learn more.

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