The New Kathryn Vercillo Blog: What To Expect

Now that I’ve released my new book (Crochet Saved My Life) and gotten the rest of this website more or less fleshed out I’m ready to start the brand new version of this blog. I thought I’d kick it off by letting you know what you’re going to find here.

Inside the Author

I have done many different types of writing over the years but right now my main focus in writing is my work as an author. I’ll be doing posts here on the site that tell you more about that, sharing the experience of being an author in the 21st century. I do lots of interviews so you’ll find author interview excerpts and links here along with other author news and things I’ve learned along the way.

Book News

In addition to information about my work as an author I’ll share the latest news about my available titles. For example, you’ll find review excerpts and links and copies of my book’s press releases.

Other Writing News

I’m continuing to do some of my other writing work, of course, and sometimes I’ll share news and information about that here as well. I work as a professional blogger so if you’re interested in blogging information and insights then these are the posts that will probably interest you most.

Other Projects

Every once in awhile I’ll share information about the other projects that I’m working on. I dabble in the arts. I do some volunteer work. I like to expose myself to a diverse array of experiences. If I feel like it’s something that is relevant to writing and my life as an author/blogger then I’ll share it here as well.

Weekly Article Feature

Approximately once a week I’ll be doing an article on a topic that interests me a lot but isn’t about the writing life. That’s because I genuinely believe that authors are people first. Who we are in our everyday lives is what influences and shapes our writing, regardless of what type of writing we’re doing. I’m especially interested in mental health, psychology, and relationships of all kinds so often the articles will be on these topics but they’ll vary. These will be longer articles that delve into the specific topic.

Note: For shorter, more random posts about my life and interests you can always visit my personal blog, Diary of a Smart Chick.

Occasional Tips, Ideas, Suggestions

Every once in awhile I read a really great book or I find a terrific productivity tip or I discover some new tool for writers and I want to share all of that with you as well!

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San Francisco based writer/ blogger with an interest in how words can help heal individuals and connect communities.

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