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I have been happy to see that my new book, Crochet Saved My Life, is getting a great response not just from the crochet community but also health professionals. The book is about the mental and physical health benefits of crafting and I had hoped that the occupational therapy, mental health and alternative medicine communities would take an interest in the book. It’s great to see that this is happening!

Occupational Therapist Seal of Approval

Crochet Saved My Life was mentioned recently on a blog called A Spoonful of Sugar. I follow the blog because it’s all a fun mother/daughter blog all about crafting. What not all of the readers may know is that one of the blog’s writers is also an occupational therapist. In the post about my book, she says,

“From working in the disability sector, I have seen so many benefits  for people who have a physical or mental health condition when they engage in an activity that has meaning for them. From my own perspective, I have found immense satisfaction from crafting – it helps with managing stress, makes you feel good when you master new techniques and skills, and is rewarding when you can make lovely items for yourself and your family.”

This is exactly the type of thing that I talk about in my book, which does have a chapter on occupational therapy. It’s great to see that someone working in the field agrees! And actually, there was a commenter on this same blog post who mentioned also being an occupational therapist who agreed that there is value in working with the hands.

Mental Health Counselor Agrees

My book was also written about over on the Go Crochet blog. Part of what Ellen Gormley says there is:

“Back when I was a mental health counselor, I had a very open-minded Clinical Director who allowed me to introduce crochet into a depression therapy group.  It was interesting how I had 5-6 women clients in individual therapy with depression and related symptoms who all either crocheted or were interested in learning. So, we formed a group! All the benefits of group therapy with the normalizing and creative outlet of crochet. What we knew intuitively, that craft can heal, is the subject of Kathryn Vercillo’s book, Crochet Saved My Life.

The book covers both the mental and physical health benefits of crochet but it’s definitely weighted on the side of the mental health benefits. Mental health and psychology interest me for so many reasons. Plus I share my own story of depression so that mental health topic alone makes up a big portion of the book’s content. I believe strongly in craft as therapy and it’s great to see a former mental health counselor talk about how crochet helped her therapy group!

Note: You may be interested in my related articles about craft as therapy vs. craft in therapy and also crochet in individual and group therapy.

An Invaluable Resource

In one of the early posts that a blogger did about the book, Moogly called it an “invaluable resource” for health professionals. She says:

 “Crochet Saved My Life … outlines the specific therapeutic benefits and uses of crochet, making this an invaluable resource for occupational therapists, mental health professionals, and teachers – even those who do not crochet themselves.”

I love that Moogly also mentioned teachers. I didn’t get a chance to do a lot of research for the book about how crochet can be used in classrooms but it’s something that really interests me. I know that the calming benefits of the craft, combined with the physical therapy it offers, can be a great asset in classrooms – especially special education classrooms!

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